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In its 2015 "Cost vs. Value Report," Remodeling magazine found that a midrange kitchen remodeling project, which cost an average of nearly $57,000 during the period examined, recouped roughly 68 percent of that cost at resale. That return was slightly less than that provided by midrange bathroom remodeling projects, which provided a 70 percent return at resale. More upscale remodeling projects provided even smaller returns, despite costing substantially more money. For example, the cost of major upscale kitchen remodeling projects averaged $113,000 during the time studied for the report. But only 59 percent of that sizable investment provided was recouped at resale. Upscale bathroom remodeling projects also underperformed compared to midrange projects, recouping slightly less than 60 percent at resale. No upscale project referenced in the report provided a greater return than replacing existing siding with new fiber-cement siding, a project that recouped homeowners a greater than 84 percent return at resale. More information about the 2015 report is available at

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