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Labor costs can account for a substantial amount of the cost of a home improvement project. Estimates regarding the average labor costs of such projects range from 25 to 60 percent. Such a wide range can make it hard for homeowners to determine their budgets, and high labor costs may compel some homeowners to tackle projects on their own. While DIY projects can be rewarding and cost-effective, the potential for costly mistakes is considerable, especially for homeowners with little or no DIY experience. Labor costs should be included in contractors' estimates, but homeowners can ask around to get an idea of how much they will spend on labor when hiring professional contractors. Various factors, such as geographic location and the level of customization a project requires, influence labor costs. Homeowners can expect to pay a lot for labor on projects that require considerable customization. Though that can be a tough pill to swallow, complex projects may stretch if not exceed homeowners' own abilities, making the cost of customized labor well worth it. Solicit estimates from numerous contractors before making your final decision, recognizing that the least expensive estimate is not necessarily the best option.

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