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5 things to consider before expanding your home

Homeowners who feel their homes are a little confined may be interested in expanding their homes to make them more comfortable and...

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Make garage organization go smoothly

Garages tend to fall victim to disorganization during the winter, when homeowners want to hurry inside and get some respite from the cold....

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Embrace the wonders of wireless at home

Electronic devices enable us to access information, communicate and engage in entertainment. Consumer electronics also have transformed the...

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3 ways to improve indoor air quality all year long

As winter wears on, it's not uncommon for people living in cold weather climates to experience some cabin fever. Winter weather confines...

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How to create extra space for guests

Homeowners who enjoy entertaining frequently sometimes host overnight guests. While many hosts and hostesses have spare bedrooms for...

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Cost-cutting measures for your renovation project

Home renovation projects can help homeowners transform their homes into their own personal oases. But such transformations do not typically...

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Doing away with dining rooms

Formal dining rooms are no longer as coveted as they once were. Family dinners, if they manage to be at home, are now just as likely to be...

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