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Safeguard your home from insect infestations

The dawn of spring marks the return of many things, including long hours of sunlight and warm temperatures in which to enjoy that sunshine....

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Modifications to make bathrooms safer

Few areas in a home can prove as perilous as bathrooms. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says every year around 235,000...

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How to clean and maintain stainless steel

No matter the style of a homeowner's kitchen, be it modern, traditional or farmhouse, stainless steel appliances can add a pop of shine and...

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Spring cleaning projects you don’t want to forget

Spring cleaning is an annual tradition in many households. After a winter spent cooped up indoors, spring cleaning can rejuvenate a...

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Get set for spring termite swarms

Termite swarms are often the first visible evidence that termites are a problem in and around a home. There are several different types of...

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Freshen up your home for the spring season

After a few months of chilly temperatures, come spring, many homeowners are eager to throw open their windows and doors and breathe new...

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Signs that more insulation is necessary

Insulation serves dual purposes in a home. In the winter, insulation prevents heat loss and keeps homes comfortably warm, while in the...

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